November 27, 2022

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Narendra Modi with Akshay Kumar - An Exclusive Interview

Narendra Modi : A PM Who Never Sleeps.

Narendra Modi – A Prime Minister who hardly sleeps for few hours, unveils it all in a fun chat with Akshay Kumar.

Ahead of general elections 2019, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is breaking his unsaid rule of not giving interviews to the media. Following a string of political chats with the renowned faces from media, the “strict” leader got candid with the king of entertainment, Akshay Kumar for an extremely non-political chat. The Professional Times takes a look at the 7 admissions he made during the conversation that broke the internet:
1. He Never Thought of Becoming the Prime Minister
Who wouldn’t want to be the Prime Minister of his country? Surprisingly, Narendra Modi never wanted to become one. Coming from a humble background, he would have apparently been happy being a ‘Sanyasi’ also and would have loved to serve the army. Talking about his mother’s reaction, he said, “She would have been happy distributed sweets even if I had gotten a regular job.”
2. He Strives to Inspire Others
Being a strict leader, PM has the image of someone who easily gets angry among the masses but apparently, that’s not the case. In fact, he assured Akshay Kumar that he is never annoyed and if things don’t go his way, he’d take another route by advising people. His motto in life is to inspire others and not demotivate them.
3. He Believes in Developing Team Spirit
Unlike popular belief, Narendra Modi doesn’t make his subordinates work extra hours. He, himself, is so hard working that they themselves feel like working. (That’s what all bosses think) Regardless, he aims to develop a team spirit among the people who work for him through this habit of discipline. He emphasized that an organization’s work culture develops on the lines of how a leader works.
4. He is Friends with the Leaders of Opposition
Every once in a while, reports of opposition leaders targeting the Prime Minister and vice versa are making rounds but that doesn’t define the bond these influential politicians share. Under the disguise of enemies, they are thick with each other. If Mamta Banerjee, who keeps questioning the governance, sending kurtas and sweets to Narendra Modi doesn’t make it clear then nothing can.
5. He Sleeps Only for 3.5 Hours
Even at 68, our Prime Minister is fitter than any other leader of his age. Having a jam-packed schedule, international commitments to deliver and continues rallies lined up, PM hardly gets the time to sleep. Disregarding the general sleep hours one needs, he sleeps for only 3.5 hours a day before getting started on his obligations. And no, it is not stress but a habit he has developed over the years.
6. He Acknowledges the Creativity Associated With Memes
Every time news breaks out, thousands of memes start floating the internet. However degrading or questioning they might be, these creative junkies are able to bring out the fun from a serious situation like no other and Narendra Modi acknowledges that. Replying to Akshay Kumar, the PM revealed that social media for him is a way of knowing what is going on in the world.
7. He Still Takes Pocket Money from his Mother
After a point of time, parents expect their children to help them with their financial needs and Akshay Kumar perceived that Narendra Modi mother would be no different. Well, he thought wrong.  When questioned about his salary, PM Modi said that he doesn’t send anything home and instead, his mother gives him INR 1.25 for good luck whenever they meet.

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