December 6, 2022

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Jeenal Tank – A Young Indian Passionate Entrepreneur Flourishing Chocolate Business Globally

Jeenal Tank, a passionate young entrepreneur, wanted to have her own business. She perceived the chocolate industry might have a great future in the Indian market.

It started with a single cocoa bean a few centuries ago, grew up into a great drink and then after thousands of tactics and techniques, the world got its first wrapped chocolate bar from Hershey.
Since then and hereafter, all that the chocolate industry has got and will get; is continuous overall development. Along with the pioneering nations like America, the chocolate industry in India also is aiming for the pinnacle over the past years.
The choice of consumption keeps changing with time and mood of the customers. But be it either a chocolate bar, a drink, a cake or a biscuit, chocolate has remained in demand forever.

Jeenal accompanying by her sister started the manufacturing premium cocoa-based chocolates around five years back.  Initially, they had a very modest beginning with homemade chocolate business. Later, they enhanced their business and started manufacturing machine made chocolates.

Jeenal Tank – Zest Chocolates is India’s most premium chocolate destination from Zest Blessed Chocolates Pvt Ltd Group.

Intending to see a ZEST Chocolates in every pocket, they commenced the business of spreading sweetness at home, workplace, offices, hotels, restaurants, celebrations and many more. Different taste, unique packaging, pure raw ingredients, makes it completely different from other chocolates available in the India market.
In an exclusive discussion with The Professional Times, Jeenal said, “Chocolates is getting lots of acceptance in today’s Indian market. People are switching from Indian sweets to chocolates. With this, there is a rise in the homemade chocolate makers, but the customers are also becoming smarter.
“They wish to buy quality products at the best prices, and we have always strived to provide premium chocolates since the beginning. Moreover, all our packaging/boxes are manufactured by us, so we are capable of offering premium chocolate boxes art at a very reasonable price. It helped us establish ourselves successfully in this competition.
ZEST chocolates are hygienically made by Our Chef to give you a heavenly experience.

Jeenal strongly believes that every person should unwind in such a way that it makes them more grounded and calm. Outside of work environment, she practises yoga, meditation and learns music instruments also play the flute.

While talking about the challenges she is facing, she said, “We have built our roots in this business, and now we are in the expansion phase entirely. So all the problems, hurdles or challenges, which goes along with it, is what we are facing.

Continuous drive to build my business bigger motivates me.

Jeenal shared her views on work motivation and said, “There are days when I woke up in the middle of the night to work on new products and projects. That was my motivation to work even harder because I love what I do. It’s not ‘work’ for me, its ‘fun’ for me.”

Just believe in yourself! Never lose patience. Any good thing takes time.

Jeenal is a very innovative and creative person, and the outcome of her quality can be seen in her every single product. She loves connecting with people and embraces her feeling by sharing her delicious chocolates.
ZEST is supplying to corporates all-around year for daily gifting needs. They specialise in customisation viz. they provide gift packs with Company Logo/Message on Engraved/Printed on the box.
Most of ZEST’s gift packs are reusable like; Chocolate’s Photoframe wherein people can use the Photoframe after consuming chocolates, Chocolate wooden box wherein it can be used after having delicious chocolates to keep valuable/stationeries.
Wooden boxes, Photoframe is manufactured by ZEST in Mumbai and are offering Chocolate gifts at reasonable prices and high-quality products.


ZEST Chocolates is India’s premier supplier of customised chocolate products for the corporate promotional market, weddings and other special occasions along with a range of right retail products.  We can create chocolate in virtually any shape, size, design and packaging to suit your requirements and budget.

Our customised corporate chocolates have been used by small businesses through to the largest of companies and are used for promotions, product launches, marketing, gifts, competitions and many other uses.

All our delicious ‘Melt in the Mouth’ couverture Chocolates are made fresh to order right here in our factory in Mumbai, India. You will fall in love with the taste of our rich premium chocolate designed to cater to the Indian palate.

Customisation and personalisation are endless with our vast range of; papers, ribbons, accessories and colour options. Each order is lovingly designed to reflect your theme, colour scheme and personality of your event. Choose from the popular designs that have inspired countless weddings and events or consult with us your amazing ideas.

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