November 27, 2022

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Vastu Shastra is Fuel That Drives Fate : Santosh Mishra

Dr Santosh Misha is a Vastu Consultant (Vastu Shastri) and founder of Bramh Vastu – An institute, which teaches and researches in Vastu Science with its main focus on flow, balance and attraction of natural energies.

He has been practising art and science of Vastu for over two decades. He has the vision to acquaint young minds with this ancient science. He also offers courses in Vastu Shastra at his institute.

Dr Mishra was born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh and after completing his engineering from Nagpur University, he did his MBA in Human Resources.

However, being keenly interested in Vasu Shastra, he enrolled for M.A. from well-known Maharishi Maheshyogi Vaidik Vishwavidyalaya.

Vastu Shastra is unique science of relationship between energy and matter.

He has also written a thesis on Vastu & Health and was awarded a Doctorate from University of Alternative Medicine, Colombo.

Dr Mishra also got training in Germany under Madam Oorja Brown in the field of Geopathy and went on to deliver lectures on Vastu in Germany.

Vastu Shastra is fuel that drives fate.

With thousands of clients, Dr Santosh Mishra is one of the few known Vastu Consultants not only in India but all over the world.

Apart from various states of India, he has delivered his Vastu Consultancy at Dubai, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Vastu Shastra is nothing but the support system of life.

With multiple clients, Dr Mishra’s expertise is in all variants of Vastu Shastra including remedial procedures (for both residential and industrial establishments), energy enhancements and many more. His expertise lies in Space Management and Energy Manipulation for rectification and enhancement of land and environment.

He is taking a step ahead by establishing a one-stop solution for Vastu called “BramhVastu”, which will offer Vastu courses, consultancy and will guide towards a better understanding of this science.

Vastu Shastra shows us the way to create harmony between invisible energies, matter and human beings within the building space to achieve peace, prosperity and progress in life.

The main focus of BrahmVastu is in applications of natural energy, managing it’s flow and balance and attracting these energies to bring peace, progress and prosperity.

TPT asked his views regarding the competitive world in the present circumstances, “I don’t see the point in comparing oneself with others. My competition is with myself. I ask myself “Did I improve from what I was yesterday?” he said.

While talking about his failures, he said “I failed to enter into the rat-race and a lifestyle of pomp and show-with money mindset. I am glad, I failed in this field.”

Vaastu Shastra is a science to build harmony in building with the energy and frequencies present around it so as to achieve prosperity.

On asking advice on being successful he said: “I would advise doing something which ignites the fire of passion within your heart. Do it with 100 dedication and honesty. Do it today. Do it now.”

When we asked about how he develops his outside of the work environment, he said “I partake in the plethora of social activities. This is my payback to society. It charges the energy within. I also spend quality time with friends and family which helps develop emotional quotient which I see lacking these days.”

“After completing engineering, diving head first in the unconventional field of Vaastu took a whole lot of courage”, he said while talking about the most courageous thing you have done in your life.

Santosh shared his views about the challenges he is facing, he said “I think I couldn’t mould myself in the trending commercialisation. I cannot accept the fact that true knowledge can be neglected in the wake of money. ‘Selling’ your knowledge rather than ‘Solving Problems’ is something I find hard to accept.”

Understanding directions in vaastu is a mathematical way to understamd expression of energy, matter and elements.

Being in Vastu Consultation business, you have to have open ears. The whole root of consultation is first listening to problems and then giving solutions. I don’t treat my clients as customers. I see them as my friends. I empathise when they are in a problem and I feel immense happiness when I can be a part of solving their problems. So the connection is never superficial.
I find that knowledge of Vastu Shastra has been commercialised to such an extent that people are just using it for their own benefit rather than using it as a tool for helping others. On the other hand, I find that the philosophical aspect of Vaastu is facing extinction and hence there are several myths which are used for selfish gains.

This practice is detrimental to the ancient and vast wisdom of Vastu which we have derived from wise sages and our forefathers. I try to incorporate the conceptual and scientific approach when giving consultation or teaching Vastu.

Vaastu is hub of frequencies and vaastu shastra is science of using these frequencies to create positive events in our life.

While talking about his motivation secret, he said “I look forward to the day as a mission to help someone out with my Vastu experience. Every day is an opportunity for me to bring a smile to a frowning face and I am grateful for that.”
I am on a mission to eradicate the superficial knowledge floating around in our country. I want Vastu concepts to be understood by common people so that they can understand the science behind it. I also take Vastu courses to impart deeper knowledge of the Vastu techniques so that it can create an army of wise and sensible architects, interior designers and Vastu consultants.

Vaastu Shastra is a way to create a harmonious melody within a building with the help of matter and energy.

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