November 26, 2022

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A Unique Artist Tells Stories Through Scrap Sculpture Work – Ketan Budhabhai Kanjariya

Ketan Budhabhai Kanjariya was born in Limbdi (Gujarat), in 1979. Limbadi is a small village, which is stated 100kms away from Ahmedabad. His first experience with the art was in his childhood and he already started doing drawing and doodling before he learns how to write an Alphabet.

Throughout his school journey, he was famous, only because of his drawing skills. Ketan was very much passionate about drawing and after school, he decided to take that as his hobby as mainstream.

He always wanted to explore more in the art stream but his family refused when he opened up about his desire to join fine arts.

Destiny cannot be changed and Ketan is a firm believer of it. He failed in Board Exams and after that at the age of 16, He started a job in Electronic Goods Repairing Store in late 1994.

Within five years of timespan, he got so profound in his work. He used to repair items that even senior-experienced technician cannot repair it easily. During that period everything was so perfect and smooth and he was earning good money and good respect.

His family was so happy, but somewhere in his creative side, he was not happy. But still, his fate has to wait for the next coming five years. In this five years of span, he had learnt computer programming languages like Html, Dhtml, C, C++, Visual Basic, .net, 8051 assembly, operating systems like  MS dos, Windows, Linux, Basic Unix, Graphics and 3D Software like MS Office, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Flash, Adobe Premiere, Dreamweaver, 3Ds Max, Maya, Toon Boom Studio. 

The main purpose of learning all of these software and language to satisfy his creative side. But somewhere internally, he was still searching for his ultimate goal. His destiny was calling him, and finally, he met his fate.

One day one of his friends arrived as his lantern and he advised him to join fine arts, and finally, under his guidance, Ketan joined C.N. FINE ARTS COLLEGE in 2004.

After the foundation year, Ketan started studying in the Sculpture Department and later I got to know about Scrap Sculpture Work. During that period, he was not good at Welding. So generally he took help from his seniors.

For the first time, his work was nominated for GUJARAT STATE LAILTKALA ACADEMY AWARD. In the Third Year, he won two national awards and won state awards.

So he proudly says that his third year was the golden period of his college time. During the final year, Ketan did his thesis on Surrealism and then got admission in M.S.U. Fine Arts Sculpture Department for Post Graduation in Diploma Program.

During his P.G.D. program, he studied under such amazing faculties like Dr Deepak Kannal, Mr Soman Subramaniam. In these two years of span, he has explored and worked in New Media like interactive video installation and kinetic sculpture. In Final Display, his work got so much attention and appreciated by people.

Mr Surendra Patel was collecting his artwork regularly. Working with him was a very good experience and then, later on, Ketan worked with Mr Abhay Mangaldas, Anuja Khambhata etc. 

In Feb’2018 first India-Oman Symposium was conducted, where Ketan won the first prize. This was his very first International Award.

Competition is out there in the world, but according to me as an artist who is doing such premium work, it does not concern about the competition,” Ketan said while talking to The Professional Times.

Sharing his experience about the most courageous this, Ketan said: “I have created height 75feet* breadth 10 feet* height 35 feet big peacock in only six days by using metal stools in first Sabarmati Festival (2014-15). The peacock sculpture is still standing at Sabarmati riverfront near National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

In the beginning, Ketan’s family was against his decision but later his family has happily accepted it and now they are supportive his in every moment. They celebrate every success with him and do care and do concern about his work.

While talking about the lesson he learned from his experiences, he said: “Never stop doing your work in any circumstances and keep developing and exploring new ideas.

I am workaholic and I do not see anything outside of my work.

In the present circumstances, the main challenge Ketan is facing is about workplace and workspace with enough facilities. The frequency of getting new work and new opportunities is very fluctuating. So this is where he feels stuck between the place/space and opportunities. 

Ketan does listen and connect with most people but he does not try to affect it on his work. But still, sometimes he has to follow buyer’s/collector’s requirements apart from his flavour of work.

While sharing his opinion about the gap between an artist and the government, Ketan said, “The weakest point is the connection between Government and Artist. The government does not appreciate the artist and artist’s work. Indirectly they do not support. To deal with them we are trying to connect with the government with the help of some private bodies.

I do what I love to do, and I am living my dream.

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