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“Most People Have No Idea How Good Their Body is Designed to Feel” – N Jayachander Reddy

Shri N. Jayachander Reddy was born and brought up near Hyderabad. He studied in Hyderabad and completed his BE in Electronics and Communications from Osmania University Campus with flying colours. And also, he did his M-tech in FIBER optics from IIT Delhi. He served the nation through Indian Airforce for 21 yrs.

N J Reddy grew up to the ranks to Wg. Cdr. After retiring from the services, He worked as a Professor in an Engineering College for a few years and later as a mentor in a Telecom company.

He started involving in the field of energy healing therapy when he was in the Indian Air force. He has systematically integrated the ancient spiritual knowledge and the various energy healing methods into the present form of YPV which has been adopted by many organizations in India.

He has healed many people and many critical cases in his tenure in Ladakh, where people sometimes could not get help in medical emergencies. He has empowered many trainers and developed fantastic healers. He has been spreading these priceless teachings on peace, forgiveness, health and promoting YPV techniques for over 26 years.

Shri N. J. Reddy has developed more than 100 selected and further highly trained Senior Healers who have practised one-year intensive in-house programme at Ashram, having been trained with a very high level of powerful healing techniques over a period last six years in six batches.

Presently he heads the YPV organizations in India and also the YPV Ashram at Thally, in Tamil Nadu. He is a true stand out in this field of PRANA due to his knowledge and extensive experience in this field. He has a vision and mission of one healer per family which would bring heaven in family and hence heaven on earth.

In the present global situation, to greatly boost the immunity of the individuals, to protect and accelerate the recovery from infection and for blessing the Earth, YPV organization is conducting live sessions thrice daily at 7.15 AM, 1 PM and 6:30 PM, IST on Facebook Page @ShriNJReddy ( ) which is joined daily by hundreds of people.

The efficacy of the sessions can be seen from pouring feedback& is on various posts For quick and easy understating and purpose of each of the YPV practices, refer to our study video for practitioners:

YPV Sadhana App in 6 languages is freely available in Google play store and Apple Store for the public to practice some of the YPV techniques.

List of Recent Publications of PI and Co-PI (10 best SCI publications)

1. PI: Mr. Jayachander Reddy

  • One-Year and Annual Spiritual Intensive Programs have generated more than 100 highly trained healers selected with eligibility criteria in 6 batches starting from the year 2014, which is a Spiritual Intensive in-house program for one year at YPV Ashram, Sri Ramana Trust.
  • Conducted Annual Spiritual Intensive Program conducted at 6 different places for around 600 to 800 people each year.

Programs Conducted Globally for Public:

  • Presented Yoga Prana Vidya Education at the Association for Adult Development and Ageing (AADA) Conference, at Chicago, on 2nd August 2019
  • YPV introduction on 21 st July 2019 morning at Chinmaya Vrindavan, Cranbury New Jersey, around 150 people attended the session
  • YPV introduction on 21st July 2019 evening at Sai Datta Peetham, South
  • Plainfield, around 120 people attended the session
  • YPV Introduction on 20th July 2019 at Auditorium, Hindu Samaj, Mahwah, NJ, USA, around 120 people attended the session.

Programs Conducted in India for Public:

  • Compassionate Parenting and Nurturing Program at the Persistent Hall, Nagpur on 22nd September 2019, with more than 500 participants.
  • Compassionate Parenting and Nurturing Program at Kala Mandir, Kolkata on 8th September 2019, with more than 600 participants.
  • Compassionate Parenting and Nurturing Program on 16th June 2019 at Hassanamba Kalashetra, Hassan with more than 250 participants.
  • Empowering students to manifest greatness was conducted 14th June 2019 at Hassanamba Kalashetra, Hassan in 2 batches. 1 st batch there were 1100 students and teachers, 2 nd batch there were more than 1000 students and teachers.
  • YPV introduction at Hassanamba Kalashetra, Hassan on 14th June 2019, attended by 300 participants.
  • Presented First Aid using YPV SYSTEM in a conference organized by Yoga and Naturopathy Education Centre, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi on 18th April 2019 for more than 700 participants
  • Spiritual Program at Prashansan Nagar Club Hall, IAS Officers Cultural Association Jubilee hills, Hyderabad on 31 st March 2019 attended by 60 people
  • Compassionate Parenting and Nurturing at Ghodpade Natyagriha, Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra on 3 rd February 2019 attended by more than 1000 participants.
  • Yoga Prana Vidya Orientation Program on 11th January 2019 at Prof. C. C. Mehta Hall, M. S. University Campus, Vadodara, Gujarat for 150 participants.
  • Yoga Prana Vidya Orientation Program on 12th January 2019 at Venue: Thakorbhai Desai Hall, Law Garden, Ahmedabad, Gujarat for 550 audiences.
  • Yoga Prana Vidya Orientation Program on 13th January 2019 at Lions Hall, Deesa, Gujarat for an Audience of 450.
  • Conducted session on Spiritual Empowerment on Healthy Life, Financial Wisdom, Relationship Development, Positive Thinking, Art of Parenting. Vellalar Vidyalaya, CBSC Campus, Erode for 1000 + participants on 14th October 2018 Compassionate Parenting and Nurturing program in Indore on 30th September 2018 for 600 participants.
  • Compassionate Parenting and Nurturing conducted at Raipur, Chhattisgarh on 9th September 2018 at Niranjan Dharamshala, Raipur for 500 and more participants.
  • Wesak program at Indra Gandhi Arena, Delhi on 30th April 2018 was attended by 3000 people. The program was live telecasted on Ishwar TV
  • Spiritual Program Indra Gandhi Arena, Delhi on 30th April 2018 evening was attended by 400 people
  • Compassionate Parenting and Nurturing for Parents, Grand Parents, Teachers, Counsellors and Others Place at Symbiosis Hall, Pune on 22nd April 2018 for 250 participants.
  • YPV Introduction at Swatantrata Bhavan, BHU Varanasi on 19th November 2017, with more than 800 participants YPV Introduction on 3 rd September 2017 at Vidya Mandir, Kolkata for more than 600 participants.
  • A session on Health and Happiness with YPV Sadhana and powerful Group Healing conducted at Hyderabad on 1 st October 2017 attended by 300 people. This was streamed live in CVR HEALTH Channel.
  • Yoga Prana Vidya Orientation and Mass Healing Program at Lucknow, on 9th July 2017, at Scientific Convention Centre, KGMU, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh attended by more than 900 people.
  • Spiritual program on 10th June 2017 at JLN Stadium, New Delhi where more than 1450 people attended the program and hundreds of people watched the live telecast on Ishwar TV and live streaming on website of Yoga Prana Vidya.
  • YPV Public Darshan with Mass Healing on 23 rd April 2017 at Nehru Memorial Hall Camp, Pune attended by 680 participants
  • Program for Introduction to Yoga Prana Vidya System at Chitnavis Centre, Nagpur on 5th February 2017 for 350 participants.
  • YPV System introduction at Gujrathi School Hall, Raipur for 700 Participants on 31st January 2017
  • Yoga Prana Vidya Orientation Program by Shri N J Reddy, Founder of YPV at Manpho Convention Center, Next to Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore on 22nd January 2017 for more than 1400 participants.
  • Public Program at Rajkot on 30th November 2016 attended by 120 Participants
  • YPV Introduction at Ravindra Natyagriha, Indore on 27th November 2016, attended by 900 participants.
  • YPV Introduction at Sri Sharada Vilas Law College Auditorium, Mysore on 15th May 2016, attended by 475 participants.
  • YPV Introduction and Mass Healing on 23 rd February 2016 at Law Bhawan, Chandigarh attended by 350 people.
  • YPV Introduction and Group Healing at Hazipur, Bihar in the year 2015 attended by 1200 people.


1. TV Interview in Vaishali News on YPV-Yoga Prana Vidya System on:

2. TV Interview on the importance of Compassionate Parenting on BTV channel on 1 st Oct:

3. Interview on Radio Dastak 90.8 FM Ujjain on YOGA PRANA VIDYA SYSTEM-YPV SADHANA APP:

4. TV Interview on HBTV YUVA Escalating Inner Strength & Getting Spiritually


5. Explaining about Yoga Prana Vidya, Interview on NTL News:

6. BK NEWS Channel in Gujarat about Yoga Prana Vidya techniques:

7. Zee24 Taas Channel (Zee TV Marathi Channel) about Yoga and Union.

8. About Compassionate parenting in Digiana News Channel of Indore 2018. Articles Published in Scientific Journals.

9. Co-authored 3 journal articles in scientific journals, one already published and 2 are under review.

10. Neravetla, J.R & Nanduri, V.S. (2019). A study into the successful treatment of some difficult Medical cases using Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) Healing System as alternative medicine. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10, Issue 7, July-2019.

Under Editorial Review:

1.  Title:  Yoga Prana Vidya healing (YPV) techniques used in Emergency and First Aid: Case summary report. Submitted to Indian Journal of Community Health in November 2019.

Authors – Shri N J Reddy Sir and Dr. V S Nanduri. This paper is under review by the Journal's editorial committee.

2. Title: The Application of Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) for effectively Improving Psychological and Physical Well-Being of Adults: A summary of case studies submitted to the Adult Span Journal USA, of American Counselling Association. This was reviewed and we were asked to revise with some additional information. Revised and resubmitted accordingly. Authors – Mr N J Reddy, Mrs Jyothi Reddy and Dr. V S Nanduri.

Articles Published in Newspapers/ Magazines:

1. Breathing New Life into Ancient Knowledge in Life Positive magazine, March 2020 edition.

2. About Rhythmic Yogic Abdominal Breathing and its Benefits published on 7th April 2020 in Free Press Journal, Newspaper in circulation in Mumbai and Indore

3. Immunity A perfect Self Defence published on 26th March 2020 in Free Press Journal

4. 10 things you need to know about why forgiveness is important: published on Friday, May 1, 2020.

5. The Wesak Festival: published on April 17, 2020,

6. Life is dynamic, ‘I Ching’ guides us on changing future: published on March 9, 2020

7. The A-Z of incorporating a good diet in your life: April 24, 2020,

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