November 28, 2022

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A Passionate Woman to Full-Fill her Dreams to be the Top Lyricist of India – Lajja Sutaria

Copywriter, Lyricist, Poet, Blogger and more in a single woman makes her so special to inspire other women.

Playing with words has been my most favourite childhood sport.

I’m happiest when writing poems and songs. But to be honest I had never imagined that my childhood passion would actually become my profession. A copywriter for the last 17 years now, I’m still amazed, thankful and in love with what I get to do…create magic with words.

My work keeps the child in me alive in spite of being a mom of two teenage boys. The credit of the success I’ve been able to achieve on my journey so far, not only goes to the hard work, the great people I worked with, but it also goes to my family who’s been a guiding light and the pillar of support in all my endeavours.

Though I’m a writer or lyricist first over the years I found new voices of expression. Today I’m also an actor, a voice-over artist and a singer, tomorrow I may add a new voice who knows because,

हमारी तमन्नाएं बहुत है …
ताकत भी कम नहीं,
बस तक़दीर साथ चल दे,
तो रुकने वालों में से हम नहीं..

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