November 28, 2022

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Madhavi Shankar – I’m tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want – GWAF’21

Madhavi Shankar
Co-Founder & CEO – SpaceBasic,Inc.
Forbes Asia 30 under 30 | United Nations Youth Speaker | TEDx Speaker | Govt of India & UN – Top 30 Women Transforming India

Entrepreneur, technology enthusiast. Passionate about building and engineering consumer-driven products, across the scale. Contributing towards global women employment and equal opportunities.

SpaceBasic is India’s leading student engagement platform.

At SpaceBasic, we digitise student experiences by automating everyday communication and tasks within universities and student housing communities, in one workspace. We address critical problems like safety checks, digital data management, open and improved communication channels between all stakeholders within student housing and hostel communities.

We believe daily repetitive tasks are not the best use of educators, staff or administrator’s time. So, we are on a mission to automate as many of them as possible. In the process, we save them money, time and a lot of stress. But the more important thing is that we create time for them to mentor students.

With SpaceBasic on their side, educators can script many more all-around student success stories. Today 70+ educational institutes continue to use the SpaceBasic platform to engage with over 100,000 students and parents on their platform.

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