December 6, 2022

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Soch Sayani PiP Seal Campaign on World Environment Day 2021

Newly discovered reports suggest we may be headed towards the sixth mass extinction, but it’s never too late to not give up, and it’s dawn when you wake up. Our new World Environment Day Campaign ascends to inspire change.

With this, the 22nd Campaign Video of spreading the message to dispose of plastic bags and bottles in a responsible way, we conclude the fortnight-long Environment Day Campaign.

We thank all 22 young ones, adults and not so young ones, who innovatively shot their own videos and conveyed the message very effectively.

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors

Today, 40 odd members of Soch Sayani in Thakur Village, collected 36 KGs of Plastic bags and bottles for recycling, which were collected by AAKAR MUMBAI and BOTTLES FOR CHANGE, BISLERI.

Our campaign against the use of plastic bag is 4 years old. First, we said “ Chhodo Plastic Thaili…..” and fairly successful in convincing residents, hawkers and shopkeepers. Now this pandemic in the last one and half year made all our effort to go for a toss. Plastic bag usage has increased manyfold. So, we changed our strategy. At least now dispose of the plastic bag and bottle responsibly. Seal them in the bottle or bag so that they won’t go to gutter soil sea. It helps Safai Karmachari to segregate and recycle easily.

Harsha Udupi

This is just the beginning.

Do not stop segregating plastic waste, and continue the practice. Based on our discussion with AAKAR, we do not have to put plastic bags inside plastic bottles. You can give plastic bottles as it is and put plastic bags inside plastic bags.

May be an image of 1 person, standing, outdoors and tree

We request each of the 40 members to spread this message and influence one friend, family member, neighbor each day to start this practice of disposal of Plastic Bags and Bottles.

Life in a Plastic …is not Fantastic,
PiP, it now…will bring the change Drastically!!
Start it Now …Start it Today,
Save Environment Keep Plastic Away !!
This Sayani Soch is a quote of the day!!

Ms. Akhya Garg

Campaign in your society, take necessary permission to keep a community bin, where these Bottles and Bags can be kept. We are working with BMC and AAKAR who will provide these large bins for each society. We will start enrolling your society soon, till then, talk to your society managing committee and seek approval.

It is a good thing to celebrate World Environment Day every year. But it hurts that people forget the very next day. The need of the day is that we have to work on it daily. Because the degradation of the environment is happening so fast that if we all (children, young and old) do not work together fast enough from today, it will be too late. And we will always regret that we could not give a clean environment to the coming generation.

I believe that raising awareness among citizens can bring about a positive change.

Our Soch Sayani team is working continuously to bring awareness to society to save the environment.

Lalit Kumar

Finally, please share select, unique photos you have taken today with the plastic bags/bottles. I request all those who could participate in the drive-in Thakur Village as well as those who are outside Thakur Village to send these photos to 9920874787, which will go to our ALBUM on social media.

May be an image of one or more people, people standing, road and tree

First Objective is to ensure Plastic Bags do not get into Soil, Water and Marine, Cattle do not feed on them.
By sealing plastic in bottles or bags, we ensure that they do not get into Soil or Water. Even if these are disposed of in the trash bin, it is easy for trash collecting agencies to segregate.

Not only on environment day,
Let’s pledge to save each day.
join hands with Soch Sayani, to seal the plastic in plastic.
And make this environment greener, safer and fantastic.

Ms. Bakul Goyal

The second objective is to find a recycling agency, who can collect and recycle.
They need a good quantity in bulk. This can happen only when all the residents staying in the society do it regularly and accumulate these bottles and bags in bulk. Once a month these agencies can come and collect.

These agencies make furniture, clothes, roads and so many other thing from these plastic in addition to recycling.

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