December 6, 2022

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An Untold Story of Soulfull Cereal Leader: Prashant Parameswaran

Prashant Parameswaran, a young, Kochi entrepreneur has successfully packaged ragi into tasty, delicious, healthy, breakfast options.

Prashant comes from a family with an agrarian background. He completed his education in the US. During his stay in the USA, he discovered his passion for creating something both unique and Indian.

He did his MBA from Babson College Massachusetts and got employed in the US. After his MBA, he spent the next few years in the agro-food industry, where he studied consumer trends for more than 20 different categories of food products.

The rise of ancient grains like quinoa in the western world piqued my interest and that started a chain of events that led to the founding of Soulfull. While he was there, his experiences with various companies sparked the need to establish a state-of-the-art company that would deliver innovative products using traditional Indian grains like Millets.
While talking about the competitive world in present circumstances, he said, "He is always a part of the race but he is doing his best to stand out. The healthy snacking space that he aims to excel in is rapidly growing with the changing lifestyles and rise of disposable income. Consumers of today are extremely conscious about the kind of food they opt for in their on the go lifestyle."
Prashant Parameswaran Soulfull Market.
"His brand Soulfull has managed to maintain an edge over its competition with the use of the superfood and a rich source of fibre, calcium and additional nutrients, i.e, Ragi.
He makes Ragi tasty, healthy and convenient to today’s consumers in the form of child-friendly snacks and cereals, no sugar Ragi Flakes, Millet Muesli, Masala Muesli and a Multigrain instant drink mix."
Prashant said, "All failures are the foundation to the next big thing. He is glad that he can take the failures well whenever it comes across. He can only try to find different ways to face it and once he is able to identify the mistake made leading to that failure, he works towards fixing or solving it."
Health and family are two things you should never ignore.

Prashant loves swimming, so that keeps him going. He ensures to spend time with his two daughters and keep himself in the loop with the growing up generation. He also travels a lot, which helps himself to discover different cultures and grow as an individual.Amith Sebastian (COO at Kottaram Agro Foods Pvt Ltd) and Rasika Iyer (CMO at Kottaram Agro Foods Pvt Ltd) are the true inspiration for Prashant. "The courage also came from these two, who motivated and supported me to make Soufull the next.", said Prashant.

It is the most courageous yet the best thing that happened to him. It was to give birth to Soulfull along with his co-founders' big thing. They believed in the brand, they believed in him, and then there was no looking back. They are getting stronger and better every day.
Prashant told that "the reality is that to sustain this business, they must constantly innovate products, which are liked by today’s consumers and are relevant to them. Well, this challenge goes for all the FMCG brands but they also want to stand out given our range of products are not only healthy but is environment-friendly also."
"Prashant's biggest challenge in growing this business is creating innovations with Ragi/Millets, which will provide consumers nutrition along with taste on the go. He would not say he is stuck but he is working towards making ancient Indian grains relevant to the 21st-century consumer."
Prashant thinks that it is very important that you connect with your consumers, understand their mindset and their need, and accordingly come up with solutions that satisfy both, in a positive and healthy way.
They realized the potential of traditional Indian grains and they offer millets in all forms. They heard that the general myth about millets continues to be that it is not tasty, and they used it as an opportunity to turn them into a healthy, convenient and tasty snacking option.
They are constantly in touch with our consumers for their feedback, appreciation, and recommendation. Prashant's digital and CRM teams ensure they are taking these inputs from the consumers all the time and make better offerings.
A Happy Consumer always keeps Prashant motivated. They keep him motivated to keep doing and making something that they definitely love. Their feedback and the sheer joy on their faces when they have Soulfull is something that he looks forward to, so much so that, he enjoys making Soulfull for them as much as they enjoy the products that we offer." While there is a tremendous increase in the consumption of millets/ragi, the doubts on the taste of it is quite prevalent and it will take a considerable amount of time to change that thought. They are dealing with it by introducing millets, which are tasty and healthy. There is also a lack of awareness on Ragi/Millets which they are trying to address through various marketing efforts.
Creation is always an exciting journey. It is the fulfilling process of building, mounding, constantly fine-tuning, and solving the challenges and looking at every day as an opportunity to do something great and keep on moving. They are in a growth phase and that keeps him excited and motivated all the time. Like Skydiving: one can enjoy being at 40k feet but then quickly be able to delve into the detail. The width of application and being able to seem less move and connecting the dots: moving from agriculture to marketing, from finance to production, from sales to the strategy, is the most joyful part of his job.

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