November 27, 2022

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Bankity Helps You Predict Your Spending to Save Better

Many people wish they can save more. The good news is, you can actually do something about your savings habit. You can take charge of your financial life and save for the future. You can save more if you take notice of the amount of money going out of your accounts every day or month.

Taking the necessary first step is the hardest for most people but there are smart and efficient ways you can take control of your finances.

Bankity, an automatic mobile expense manager wants to help you save more in the best possible way. The financial apps answer the most important question of your personal finances: Are you going to save money or not?

Bankity provides an online and mobile based financial tool that offers real time management of finances and bank accounts.


The app shows you in real-time the impact of each expense in your finances, predicting how much money you will save at the end of the month according to your actual spending patterns. It also syncs all your transactions without asking for your most sensitive information, your bank passwords.

Bankity works exactly like an e-mail inbox that organizes all your bank notifications. Your Bank normally notifies you with something like this: “purchase of 10 USD in Starbucks” Bankity gets this info and reorganises the data in a beautiful and more understandable screen.


Bankity expense manager works with any bank that has the alert and notification system, Instructions to activate this service are usually in the “Ways to Bank” section at the web portal of your Bank.

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