December 6, 2022

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Vedharth Thappa - Reebok CrossFit Champion

Fittest CrossFit Hulk of India – Vedharth Thappa

Vedharth Thappa, a 25 year old CrossFit Coach and a CrossFit Athlete by profession has done engineering in Mechanical. Vedharth won the title of Fittest Reebok CrossFit in India for consistently three years and looking forward to the Reebok CrossFit Games 2019 held at Maddison, US as a National Champion. He will be the first Indian to do so, if he is able to do so.
Vedharth said, “CrossFit is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. The program works for everyone, people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.”

Vedharth Thappa at workout
Vedharth during intense workout

Vedharth always had a liking for sports since childhood and played sports like Cricket and Volleyball at National levels. Academically, he has been an average student and he struggled his way through engineering.

Vedharth said, “When I first stepped into CrossFit, I knew it’s a tough road ahead. I used to travel to Juhu to learn and practice the sport every day. Day-in-day-out I’ve struggled learning the sport and the results are in front of you.”

While sharing views about his failure, he cherished the most, Vedharth said., “Once my friend challenged me to a workout. That day I realized how bad I’m at fitness, although I’ve played sports and I realized if I want to win I have to beat myself. Since then, every single day I have been trying to better myself and I am my own competitor. Today, I want to be better than what I was yesterday and tomorrow I want to be better than what I am today. Failure for me is to lose a battle within me”

Vedharth Thappa's Intense Workout
Vedharth Thappa – Committed to be beat his own benchmarks every other day

Vedharth said, “Probably I would have started weightlifting or gymnastics at a tender age, if I knew what I am going to do at later stage.”

While talking about his self-development technique outside his work environment, he said “I strive to be competent and want to be successful in a healthy way. So, I try to learn and adapt to anything and everything, which I don’t know or things I should be knowing. I read a lot, which helps me to learn new things, keeps me calm and composed.”

Vedharth Thappa - Fitness Geek
Vedharth Thappa – Fitness Geek

Vedharth talks about the challenges he is facing and said, “India is a growing country with a lot of opportunity for fitness. People have become more aware in terms of being fit. But unfortunately fitness is also being promoted in a wrong way in India. The difficult part is to explain people what kind of fitness routine is best suited for them. Plus, there’s competition in every corner of the country. Don’t want to let anyone down, but we believe in our mission and vision to make the people of this country fighting fit #humfittohIndiafit
Injury rates with CrossFit training seem to be similar to those reported for sports such as Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting and Gymnastics, and lower-contact sports such as rugby. Among the reported injuries, shoulder and spine injuries predominate.
Vedharth Thappa – A champion, who never looks back.

To keep yourself safe and prevent injuries or overtraining, make sure to properly warm up, stretch after a workout and give yourself enough time to recover.
“I always educate people about CrossFit and doing it in the right way, rather than getting injured and to start blaming it. It really hurts me when people with half knowledge about CrossFit, blame it without understanding the real cause.” – said Vedharth.
Being a bit shy by nature, he loves meeting new people and growing his network. He listens to everyone, likes being social, which inturn helps solve a lot of problems, according to him.
Fit & Handsome – Vedharth Thappa

Vedharth’s practice and preaching is fairly new but he takes it as a challenge. He wants to reach out to millions and inspire them to follow his path. CrossFit and Competitive Sports are his passion and he never gets bored of it. He strives to be the best at what he does and never felt like taking a leave from the job.

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