December 1, 2022

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The Ravishing History of Mouth – Watering Chole Bhature

‘Chole Bhature’, this word is enough to make us drool right? And when we talk about chole bhature, it is not possible to not have a mention about its love affair with Delhi.

The romance between Delhi and its chole bhature is a love story like no other. 

For many of us, a bowl of spicy chana and deep-fried puris or originally Bhatures are typical comfort food and can be termed as ‘ Heaven on Plate’ and we love it for so many reasons. The duo is often paired with lassi or a pickle or even a sprinkling of onions to elevate the taste.

There are many legendary stories that tells us about how this lip-smacking dish made to Delhi and all of them are exhilarating. 

It is a fact that Indians, no matter where they hail from, what their taste is, or even regardless of age and health, we have an eternal love story with this delicious snack! From South to North and East to West, Chole Bhature has its footprints throughout history.

Lets look into the history of this delicacy:

Just when India finally came out from the clutches of the British Raj, a simple line was drawn.It is today known as the Line of Control dividing the country into two parts- India and Pakistan. This division also divided families, love, cultures, norms and what not. It shattered the lives of each person

The story goes that due to the mass exodus, there was an influx of refugees on both sides. Hindus were scrambling to get to the part that was now in India, while Muslims trudged to the new Pakistan. 

According to some people in this chaos, among the crowd of refugees, a gentleman named Peshori Lal Lamba, who had migrated from Lahore, brought to India not just his hope for a better life, but also a recipe that would go down in Delhi’s history. 

To earn his livelihood, he set up the Kwality restaurant in the Connaught Place area of Delhi and served sizzling chole along with other snacks.

But there is another story as well which says that Chole Bhature was brought to India by Sita Ram. He was also a victim of the partition who came to Delhi from West Punjab, present-day Pakistan.

Sita Ram opened a small stall in the city and started selling chole Bhature along with his son Diwan Chand. The business still survives and is today run by his grandson Pran Nath Kohli.

Sita Ram Diwan Chand’s Chole Bhature

Not sure which story is accurate, either way, people loved the dish. Chole Bhature gained quick recognition and today we cannot survive without it.

While chole bhature has come to be something of a hero in the North, surprisingly, South India too has joined the bandwagon. Udipi restaurants now boast of serving the tastiest chole and one must agree that a dish that has managed to gain favour in both the North and South must be one to reckon with.



The International Chole Bhature Day

Yes, you read it right. 

Indian Foodies took the responsibility to celebrate this dish, which makes our taste buds tempted. The food history isn’t about the time before we were born anymore. It has chased us down to recent years.

Officially started in 2012 by a Delhiite who decided to dedicate a one full day to Chole Bhature and its admirers. The word spread through social media to unite all C- bats (Chole Bhature Lovers) on 2nd of October every year to share its pictures and recipes.

For the love of curiosity, this day was selected only as the day is national holiday for Gandhi Jayanti. This loosely translates to the fact that everyone will be home with time on their hand to prepare and relish the dish at peace.

This day has made it possible to celebrate the food history of Chole Bhature and carry on a legacy

As we crave for this dish by the end of this food history article, go grab a bite of this dish ot have anywhere, be it the bustling streets of Delhi or the comfort of your home. Chole Bhature takes you on a journey of taste and joy and makes the flavours burst into your mouth.

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