December 1, 2022

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This 16 Year Old Girl’s Brilliant Invention for Her Disabled Younger Brother

Concerned about her little brother missing classes regularly, 16-year old Mayuri came up with an unconventional idea to help him out.

The love that siblings share is always precious. it is this bond that endures when everything else remains temporary.

Be it literature or films, sibling love has always been celebrated in India and every now and then, we come across instances of one sibling doing something genuinely selfless for the other.

The story of Mayuri and Nikhil Popat Yadav from Hol village in Baramati taluk of Pune district in Maharashtra is one such heartwarming example.

The siblings attend Anand Vidyalaya, a school that is located about one km away from their home. Nikhil, a 13-year-old, is an exceptionally bright student who is physically challenged.

While he has never let his disability limit him, he is dependent on his father to ferry him around. There have been times when he has missed his classes because his father wasn’t around to drop him.

She says

Mayuri didn’t liked this situation and was concerned about his brother.

She realised that there should a kind of vehicle which she can ride with him.

Joining her cycle with Nikhil’s wheelchair, Mayuri devised a makeshift vehicle for him that she can ride.

“My brother is growing up, and it is not comfortable and convenient for my father to lift him and hold him on the scooter every time he goes to school. At times when my father is not around, he misses his classes.

So I thought of this idea to take my brother to school with me and discussed it with my teachers and principal and everyone gladly supported me, said Mayuri to The Professional Times

Mayuri’s simple idea turned to reality when her science teachers Jairam Pawar and Vasikar came on board and teamed up with the school’s technical team for its implementation.

After welding the wheelchair to the cycle, they made a couple of modifications to ensure Nikhil’s safety, and these took an entire week to finish.

The working mechanism of the contraption is such that the brake system of the cycle is well connected with wheels of both the cycle as well as the wheelchair to ensure balance and safety. Also, there is a belt attached that can comfortably secure Nikhil to the wheelchair.

Mayuri’s innovative idea was recently displayed as a prototype at the district-level science exhibition held at Nasrapur that then got selected for the state-level competition.

AS Atar, the proud school principal adds

I am really happy that my sister created this innovative wheelchair-cum-cycle for me and I also feel that there should be more such innovations to create infrastructure and facilities for the disabled so that they get an equal opportunity like everyone else.

Nikhil said

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