December 1, 2022

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This Homegrown, Niche Eau De Perfume Brand Uses 24 Carat Gold to Create Luxury Scents

Bengaluru-based jewellery brand C Krishniah Chetty has expanded its long legacy of luxury purchases by launching Rare Scents – an exclusive line of Indian luxury perfumes.

According to Coco Chanel, perfume is the unseen, unforgettable, and ultimate accessory that defines elegance. This is what the recently-launched Rare Scents line of luxury Indian Eau de Parfums aims their wearer to experience.

Launched by the Bengaluru-based C.Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers in 2021, this line is infused with 24-Carat gold and is available in five variants – Adamas, Aurum, Beryl, Corundum, and Platinum.

Perfume has evolved over centuries, from blends of scented oils to mixtures of derived compounds. These products are not made in a day – it takes a long time for the correct compositions and ingredients to be formulated.

We use a technique called layering to amalgamate fragrance and create depth in the perfume, which highlights different elements and stays on the wearer’s skin for a long time,” says Chaitanya V Cotha, Executive Director of C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, tells The Professional Times

The background The C Krishniah Chetty Group was originally founded in 1869. Over the years, the brand has become known for its high quality, large range, and superior craftsmanship – which is what they wanted to replicate in their perfume line, Rare Scents.

With the vision of creating a homegrown luxury niche perfume brand, these perfumes are bottled with a selection of fine ingredients curated from 26 different regions across the world. Each Rare Scents perfume is tailored to suit individual traits, with the idea being that the scent befits the wearer.

Ingredients are sourced from around the globe and bottles are procured from Paris. The perfumes are bottled in India. We offer true customisation crafted with love and care, right from the selection of the raw ingredients to every subsequent step of production.

Explains Chaitanya

With global exposure, Indians are increasingly becoming perfume enthusiasts. However, having a luxury perfume atelier can be an expensive proposition. According to Chaitanya, it requires a savoir-faire in fragrance, access to creative craftsmanship, and a lot more.

This is why he feels other Indian brands have not ventured into this business. He explains, “Each bottle of ours is an artistic creation with immense attention to detail. You get a whiff of the exotic as soon as you open a Rare Scents bottle.

Be it French Damask Rose, Italian Orris, Tahitian Vanilla, or Indian Oudh, we source the rarest of essences from across the globe. The harmonious mélange of these superior oils in extreme concentration makes us stand apart from others.” 

 He also shares that one must have a trained nose with decades of experience to make the highest quality of perfumes. Scents cannot simply be created in a lab, they must encapsulate feelings and memories to make them truly special, he says.

The selection The Rare Scents line has five unique perfumes, with each having different touch notes to cater to every sense of the body. These include:


An everyday fragrance that comes with top flowery notes, middle notes of amber wood and ambergris, and base woody notes.


This warm fragrance is most suitable for the autumn and winter seasons. Fresh fruity fragrances constitute the top notes, and rare essential oils add heart notes that are layered with smoky musk as a base note.


This oriental fragrance has fruity top notes and essences of bubbly green tea as a middle note. The rich fragrance of sandalwood acts as its base note.


This is described as a light and breezy fragrance for warm days. The base note consists of heavily laden wood and the gentle swaying of the flowery note is the heart base, while the headnotes are fruity.


Exotic fruity notes give a first impression that is smeared with a flowery fragrance as the middle note and layered with a rare spicy note.

These perfumes are sure to appeal to Gen Z, as they will allow them to make a lasting impression. The packaging is a reflection of the superlative quality of the scent inside.

 The gold flakes reflect the ambient light and make the bottle a true show stopper. The gold is as precious as the other ingredients in a Rare Scents bottle.

Chaitainya Explains

These perfumes are sold across the showrooms of C Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers in two size variations. Pricing ranges from Rs 4,999 for a 50 ml bottle and Rs 9,999 for a 100 ml bottle.

Growth projection According to data published in, the fragrance market in India is anticipated to reach Rs 139.44 billion by 2024, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.93 percent during the forecast period, from its 2019 value of Rs 66.58 billion.

The key drivers of growth include a rise in disposable incomes, improved awareness of hygiene standards, exposure to online shopping through increased availability of the internet, and global exposure to international perfume brands.

As a completely self-funded brand, Rare Scents by C Krishniah Chetty Jewellers has had consistent growth since its launch. The first lot was sold out and they have seen strong month on month growth, both online and offline. Chaitanya highlights that many who own Rare Scents perfumes have bought them in two or three kinds and are their biggest brand ambassadors. 

Chaitanya describes their ideal customer as one who is, “a seeker of luxury and abundance – a flaneur with a jet setter lifestyle, and a bon viveur who is a connoisseur of all things refined.” Calling their perfumes universally flattering, he highlights the range of fragrances that will work for everyone, irrespective of gender and age.

We have no competition within this category in India, as there are very few niche perfumes in the market. We stand out by using the finest ingredients and this allows the perfume’s scent to last six to eight hours on the wearer

He says

He concludes off by saying, “C Krishniah Chetty Group is in the business of selling emotions. Jewellery is our main focus area and Rare Scents is the perfect extension to a jewellery purchase – whether for weddings, gifting, or self-use.”

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